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Welcome! Realizing our dreams often requires that we take action towards achieving that dream. But sometimes we may be unsure or even unaware that we possess the tools and skills reach our own goals and dreams – such as a healthy relationship, overcoming stress and anxiety, effectively dealing with depression, communicating with co-workers and friends, or raising well adjusted children.

Simply “talking” about a situation does not usually resolve the root cause of the problem; it typically requires the “right” course of actions to bring about effective and healthy change.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Chapman will help enable you with the skills and the tools needed to begin and complete the steps required towards achieving the goals and dreams that you desire.

Dr. Chapman provides these CBT counseling services in San Diego county

The office of Dr. Cynthia Chapman is located near the coast in Carlsbad, California but also offers Video consultations via the internet if you prefer to meet from the comfort of your own home or if you live in another area.  Give her a call today!
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